Guitar Phonics has provided the Rio Grande Valley with outstanding guitar lessons for over 35 years.  This guitar studio specializes in electric and acoustic  guitar lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.  Electric bass lessons are also provided.  . Rental guitars are available which is recommended if the student doesn't own a guitar.  Sales of guitars and accessories are provided.  The studio is located in San Juan, Texas which is ten miles north of the Texas-Mexican border in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.  San Juan is located midway between Weslaco and McAllen,Texas

The studio accepts students older than eight years old.  It  prefers students who are beginners and uses a beginner program that has been very successful. Students are taught to read guitar music using notes, and tab is used to help develop the student's ability to play by ear.  Chords are taught throughout the beginner program.

The owners of Guitar Phonics is Kathy and David Trammell. Kathy runs the office and David teaches the students Monday through Saturday.

To receive more information on becoming a student or materials to help you learn, contact Guitar Phonics at (956) 787-3941.